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Haslemere Oktoberfest


We are thrilled to announce the two bands who will be playing at all sessions of Haslemere Oktoberfest 2022. The UK’s leading Bavarian style Ooompah band, Die Dorf Fest Kapelle, will create a suitably Oktoberfest atmosphere by playing traditional German and Bavarian Waltzes, Polkas and Marches. Audience participation is optional but always more than welcome! They have appeared on TV numerous times, including on the One Show and Comic Relief. They can be seen in this YouTube clip:


Our second band is Anthem, although local to us in Sussex, they have played at venues across the UK. Their set list includes songs by artists as diverse as Kate Perry, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, George Michael and The Rolling Stones; there will be something for everyone no matter their taste! We can’t wait for these incredibly talented musicians to take to our Lion’s Green stage and get everyone dancing or at least bobbing their heads and playing a little bit of air guitar should they feel so inclined…